Research Project :

Minor Research : 1. “A Demographic profile of the Misings Tribes in Assam.” A Study of the Dhemaji District of Assam, (UGC Funded) - Dr. Dandi Ram Pegu, HoD & Asstt. Prof. Department of Economics.

2. “Role of Handloom industry in socio-economic development of tribal women weavers of Assam: A case study of Mising women of the Dhemaji District of Assam” (UGC Funded) - Dr. Ashok Pegu, Asstt. Prof. Department of Economics. (On Going Project)

Research Output of the Institution :

Name Research Title
Dr. Siva Nath Pegu, Ex-Principal (i) “Socio-Cultural functions: A case study of the Bodo and Mising Tribes of Assam” (Ph.D. Thesis).
Dr. Dibya Doley, Principal (i) Research Title “Religion of the Mising Tribe of Assam:A Sociological Study” (Ph.D. Thesis).
(ii) “Role of festivals, Rites and Rituals in creating Social solidarity among the Adi community: A Sociological study” (M.Phil Thesis)
Dr. Dandiram Pegu (Asstt. Prof.)(i) “An Analytical Study of the Socio-Economic and Demographic profile of Mising Tribes in Assam”- A study of the Jonai Sub-Division of the Dhemaji District, Assam. (Ph.D. Thesis).
(ii) "A Demographic study of the Mising Community" - With special reference to the Dhemaji District, Assam ( M.Phil Thesis)
Dr. Ashok Pegu (Asstt. Prof.) (i) “A case study of Industrial Policy of Assam with special reference to Five Years Plan”. (Ph.D Thesis)
(ii) “Role of Mising Women & its Economic Prospects” - A case study of the Mising Tribe of Dhemaji district, Assam”. (M.Phil Thesis)
Dr. Monju Doley (i) Historical Development of the Early Indian Drama: Reinventing the tradition in the 19th century” (Ph.D Thesis)
Dr. Purnima Pegu (Librarian) (i) “A Case study of the Mass Organization of the Tribal Communities of North East India with Reference to Assam.” (Ph.D. Thesis)
Dr. Robin Kuli (Asstt. Prof.) (i) “Exploring Responsibility:- Public and private in Human Rights protection” (Ph.D Thesis)
(ii) “Mass Organization of Mising Mimak Kebang: A case study of Dhemaji District, Assam” (M.Phil).
Mrs. Momi Bharali (Asstt. Prof.)(i) “A study of Computer Education provided in High and Higher Secondary Schools of Assam under RGCLP with special reference to Dhemaji district of Assam”. ( M.Phil).
Mr. Darika Pegu (i) “Adjectives in Mising Language”. (M.Phil Thesis)
Mr. Ranjit Pait (i) “Historical Significance of Likabali Town with special reference to Malini Than. (Arunachal Pradesh)” (M.Phil Thesis)
Nitiram Pegu (i) “Continuous Functions in topological Spaces” (M.Phil Thesis)
Baby Reema Pegu (i) “Social Institution among the Sonowal Kachari: A case study of Sonowal Kachari at Bali Gaon of Dhemaji District, Assam” (M.Phil Thesis)
(ii) "Social institutions Amongst the Sonowal Kacharis of Dhemaji District" (Ph.D Thesis)
Biju Narah (i) “Unemployment as a Constrain of Economic Development: A case study of Mising Community of Dhemaji District, Assam.” (M.Phil Thesis)
Jugananda Gogoi (i) “Atul Chandra Hazarikar Phouranik natakar eti Bislekhanatmok Samikya” (M.Phil Thesis)
Archana Kuli (i) “Land Holding Pattern of Sissi Borgaon Circle in the Dhemaji district: A case study of Mising Tribe of Assam.” (M.Phil Thesis)
Niru Hazarika (i) “Mid Day Meal Scheme in Primary Schools: A case study of Dhemaji District of Assam” (M.Phil Thesis)
Geetanjali Doley (i) “Tribal Unrest in Assam: A study of Deoris.” (M.Phil Thesis)
Bitumoni Gogoi (i) “Sociological study of Ahom Community of Assam.” (M.Phil Thesis)
Hem Chandra Chamuah (i) “A Critical Study of Some Types of Fuzzy Algebra” (M.Phil Thesis)
Niru Narah (i) “The concept of knowledge in philosophical study” (M.Phil Thesis)
Mr. Guna Kanta Barah (Asstt. Prof.) (i) “Status of Mishing Women of rural area with special reference to Lakhimpur and Dhemaji District of Assam, A Sociological study” (M.Phil Thesis)
Dr. Polyshree Pegu (Asstt. Prof) (i) "Mising folk song: A study with special reference to undivided Lakhimpur District" (M.Phil Thesis).
(ii) "Assamese and Mising folk song: A comparative study (with special reference to Bihugeet and Oi Ni:Tom)" (Ph.D Thesis)
Dip Jyoti Gogoi, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Political Science"Student's movement in Assam: A case study of All Assam Tai Ahom Students Union" (AATASU), (M.Phil Thesis)

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